• Muzzleloading Rifle
  • Hammer Block Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Easy Take Down - One Screw Removes Barrel
  • 500 bore .005 Depth Rifling
  • 30" Barrel Shown, also available in 24"
  • Available in 50, 54, 45, and 36 Caliber
  • 1-in 26" Twist-shoots Round Balls Sabots and/or Conicals
  • Nipple in line with powder charge and can easily be capped without the use of a capper.
  • No need to worry about powder residue ever fouling the action
  • No. 11 or musket caps can be used
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Rifle Model No. 94
Rifle Model No. 94
Pistol Model No. 82
Due to backlog delays, set prices for our black powder rifles are currently undetermined. But please send us an email for your inquiry and we will respond accordingly. Production of the Model 94 will begin in this summer, and pistols will be soon after.